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After our first programme on the Emergency Services finished, we found out the topic of our next programme would be ‘Sustainability’. With the University of Portsmouth priding itself on how sustainable and eco-friendly it is, from new buildings to recycling schemes, I thought we’d have plenty of potential directions to go in.

For the show, I was the camera operator and editor for some of the packages, as well as operating the jib camera during our live show.

I wanted to refresh the title sequence used for CCI TV broadcasts, to bring them more in line with the University and CCI faculty’s own branding. This included using the colour scheme and logo set out in the guidelines from the University of Portsmouth’s Corporate Communications team, as well as the font used throughout our Eldon building on signage. This is what the start of the updated sequence looked like:

I made use of the circles which previously existed within the CCI TV titles, and by changing the introduction improved the continuity within the titles. In our last show, we were asked to ‘jazz up’ the opening of the show, as there’s only so many times “Hello and welcome to CCI TV” can be said from the Eldon Hub studio without getting boring.

To solve this, we decided to pre-record the first link from the solar panel-covered roof of the Land Rover BAR base in Old Portsmouth. This meant I was able to combine a nice transition and a re-edited version of the opening music I created in Adobe Audition, which ‘bubbled under’ Nicole’s opening link and keep the show flowing:

The new title sequence proved popular enough to have been adopted by CCI TV as a permanent addition to all future broadcasts (not just our Team Red ones!). It made use of previously unused time-lapse footage of the Eldon building, filmed by Mike Parsons as well as graphics created for me by fellow TVB’er Emma Benson (who was also an editor for this programme).

When we learned our topic to cover in the programme was ‘Sustainability’, we initially were worried at how interesting and engaging the finished programme would be. However one of the packages which I was lucky enough to be on the crew to film focussed on the Albert initiative, which focussed on improving and promoting sustainability within the film and television production industry. This involved taking a trip to 195 Picadilly in London, more commonly known as the headquarters of BAFTA.

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This was more than just an opportunity to gawk at the iconic bronze awards; we set up for an interview with Aaron Matthews, BAFTA’s Industry Sustainability Manager, who was the driving force behind the Academy’s recent work on the Albert scheme. From the time I spent working as an event runner on the ‘Flog It!’ when it came to film several episodes in Portsmouth, I knew a bit about the Albert scheme prior to this interview. I had been able to see first-hand just how rigorous production companies have to be to attain the “Albert+ Sustainable Production” certification you sometimes see at the end screen of a programme’s credits.

BAFTA Interview
Interview with Aaron Matthews at BAFTA

The interview itself was very insightful, and if I were to improve anything it would just be that the shape of the room we were in wasn’t ideal, meaning we had to resort to some ‘creative’ camera placement which we’d changed our minds on so often we ended up breaking the sacred ‘180-degree rule‘ of framing shots. To try and resolve this, during the shoot we made sure to try and keep to using one camera for the main interview, and another for close ups and cutaways of hand movements, so it was less noticeable (in theory!).

Overall, I feel the show went well and it gave us all some new ideas for turning what could have been a dry topic to something more engaging for audiences to watch on screen. For this show it was evident just how important having the right contributors is to the success of a show, as ours were able to cover so many different angles on being sustainable that it kept the programme interesting. For our final show, we were let of the reins and allowed to create a programme on a topic of our choice, rather than having one chosen for us. We chose to follow in the spirit of national treasures like Matt Baker and do our own Nature programme.

Sustainability Team Red show pic
Two shows down! Team Red and our presenters pose for a photo after the end of our Sustainability show


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