My last year at university!

Wow! The last two years really seem to have flown by! As I begin this final year on the BSc Television and Broadcasting course, I thought this would be a good time to provide some context for what will no doubt be the subject of many future blog posts: the Television Broadcasting unit, or TVBRO for short.

So other than having the coolest-sounding name ever, what is TVBRO? It’s the part of my course where we produce our own half-hour programmes every few weeks. The third year Television and Broadcasting students were split into three groups – Teams Red, Blue and Yellow – which work together to produce the broadcasts. Each team has around 15 students in it.

I’m part of Team Red, along with people I’ve previously worked with over my first and second years on the course, which I think will be quite a nice way to round off three years together on the course. Hopefully it will give us chance to bring together everything we’ve learned over the last two years and produce some outstanding programmes throughout third year.

The TVBRO unit requires us to produce three television programmes (a bit like those we produced in first and second year, only longer), and one radio programme which will be broadcast on Express FM, Portsmouth’s community radio station.

One of the requirements of this unit, is to keep a blog, documenting progress and development throughout the year; so I thought it would be a good time to get my website up and running again, after a summer of procrastinating finishing it off (and finding time when I wasn’t working, to be fair!).


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